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Harrison Oswald, Xperientialistâ„¢




"...if you're not enjoying life, what's the point?!" - Harry Oswald


Hometown: Northern California, USA

Favorite X Spot™: Out in the vast woods of the natural forest

Age: 23

Inspired by: Finding new trails that have yet to be experienced by others


I grew up always being around motorcyles so naturally I took it up. By age 6, I started riding trials and about 5 years ago I got into EnduroCross and off-road racing. Never knew it would become such a part of my lifestyle as much as it has over the years.

Why EnduroCross (EX)?

I chose to pursue EX as a professional career because it's something I enjoy, it's not like any other form of off-road racing, it's extremely challenging and believe I can go somewhere with it.

Who is #649?

I currently work on a ranch as a ranch hand 5 days a week, where I also have my EX track that I practice on as much as possible during the week and on the weekends.

There are only a few things in life that are important to me; family, friends and enjoying life. I really enjoy hanging out with my family and doing things with them, they are a big part of my racing and my biggest supporters. ...And if you're not enjoying life, what's the point?

One day I will own a house with some acreage up in the mountains, enjoy the countryside and travel overseas.

One thing I want to do with my life is teach my nephews how to ride dirtbikes. It would be awesome to share my passion with them. Beyond EX and off-road racing I just like doing just about anything outdoors.

What's next?

I just missed out on qualifying for the 2014 EX X Games by one spot! I'm focused on working harder than ever to make sure I get the spot next year.

It's all about the experience... 

The traveling side of racing is just as enjoyable as the racing itself. I get to travel all over the country with family and friends and wouldn't change it for anything.

Harrison Oswald, Xperientialist™


History in the making:

Below are some of my accomplishments. 

  • 7/8 year old Youth National Trials Champion
  • 2007 #2 in High School Class NATC National Trials Series
  • 2009 Foolzberg Night/Hard Enduro Champion
  • 2010 1st Place Glen Hellen Endurocross Amateur Class
  • 2011 Prairie City EnduroCross Champion
  • 2011 34th in Pro AMA EnduroCross Championship
  • 2013 AMA Amateur EnduroCross Champion
  • 2013 26th - AMA EnduroCross pro ranking
  • 2014 1st place A250 Leoni Meadows Cross Country


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Harrison Oswald
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